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Post by Bluestar90210 Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:08 pm


Table of contents:
《-=Stats Explanation=-》
《-=Dice Explanation=-》
《-=Turn Explanation=-》
《-=Status Effects=-》
《-=Special Rolls and Miscellaneous=-》

Combat in the Second Order is relatively straight-forward and free form. You can immediately shift from a peaceful situation into fighting if you throw an attack at a nearby target, so there's no need to "enter" combat so much as attack the person you wish to hurt.

Combat is mainly broken down by Stats, Rolls, and Turns.

Stats are levels of different physical attributes and abilities of a character. They determine things like damage, resistance, the amount of actions you can do per turn, your accuracy and evasiveness. It also determines how potent your special powers are as well.
i.e Strength: Physical Prowess, Agility: Athletic Prowess

Rolls are the RNG of the roleplay. Almost every action in combat has it's successfullness determined by a dice roll. The standard combat dice is a 20 sided dice. Roll a 0 and the action goes horribly wrong or misses, roll a 20 and it goes even better than perfect.
i.e Opponent1: Slices at Opponent2 - Attacker rolls dice, Defender rolls dice - Attacker:5 Defender: 20 - Attack gets mostly blocked and Opponent2 takes only 4 damage.

And lastly, Turns are the period of time in which you can perform actions during a fight. The maximum actions you can perform during a turn is dependent on how much [SPEED] your character has. If they have double the speed of their opponent, they will be able to perform two actions during one turn, while your enemy will only have one. If you have triple the speed, three actions per turn, so on so forth.

《-=Stats Explanation=-》


Pretty self explanitory. The amount of Hit Points/Health Points your character has.

The amount of damage your character can do.

The amount of damage you can resist.

The accuracy of your attacks.

Your evasiveness against enemy attacks.

How high you have to roll for a good hit/action. Higher luck lowers the required amount.

Your ability to resist/overpower other character's will.

There are also Combined Stats, which are the combined total of the two stats within it. So for [SPEED] to be 34, you would need 20 DEX and 14 AGI. These combined stats have an effect as well.

(No further use yet)

Speed is the Combined Stat that determines how many actions you may take during a turn. If you have double the speed of your opponent, you can do two actions in one turn. If your opponent has double your speed, they may make two actions while you can only perform one.

《-=Dice Explanation=-》

Dice are the RNG (Random Number Generator) of the roleplay. Dice are used to randomize actions in order to give some unpredictability to combat. They determine whether an action is successful or fails.

When performing an attack, one must roll one STR and DEX dice to determine the strength and accuracy of the hit. The defender must also roll END and AGI to determine how well he is able to guard and dodge against the incoming attack.

Rolling a 10 is like a standard attack, not amazing but not bad either.
15 is a great well placed hit,
5 is a poor weak hit,
20 is a critical hit, dealing the most damage your character is capable of,
and rolling a 1 is a dud, a miss.

However, your stats can also make up for rolls as well. If your character has 100 DEX and your opponent only has 1 DEX, but you roll a 1 on DEX and your opponent rolls a 20 on AGI, it will be weaker but it will still be a hit. Because your character is still extremely percise with 100 DEX, and even if you get the worst roll it will still hit at about the same amount as a 5 or 10 roll against somebody with almost no DEX.

You can also lower the requirement for getting a critical hit by leveling up your LCK stat. At max level, you can get the same damage/accuracy as a 20 roll with just a 15 or higher.

Dice rolls can also be used for more than just combat. They can be used outside of battle to determine things like escaping capture or catching a falling object.

《-=Turn Explanation=-》

Turns are the time each player has to make an action against their opponent.

During a player's turn, the amount of actions he can perform depends on his opponent's [SPEED] stat and his own. If he has around the same speed as his opponent, he can only perform one action per turn. If he has double his opponent's speed, he can perform two actions. If he has triple then three actions, etc.

One action is one action, attack or movement. i.e (Swings at his opponent, aiming for his leg.), (Begins channeling energy for a explosive energy blast.), or (Turns back and tries to flee from his enemy.). You cannot perform two actions at once, i.e (Slashes for his leg then immediately backflips away). That would be considered two actions, since you are striking at him and dodging afterwards. Just to play it safe, I recommend not using "And" in your actions, unless it is talking specifically about one action (Turns around and runs away) since you must turn around before you can run, but it is part of the same action.

When attacking, the attacker must roll two dice, the STR Dice and DEX Dice. This is the roll for the damage and accuracy of his attack. The other player must then roll two dice as well, the END Dice and AGI Dice. This is the roll for his defense and evasion against the enemy's attack.

A game moderator will then tally up the dice rolls, character's stats and the character's current HP, and make a post describing how the interaction went, how much damage was done, and the current HP of the characters after the attack was made.

Actions are some pre-made commands you can use in battle to do various things.

Attempts to flee the battle. The escapee must roll 1 AGI Dice and any pursuers must roll 1 AGI Dice. In order to escape, the player must get a certain roll to flee. If his speed stat is higher than his pursuer, then he must roll a 5 or higher. If their speed is within the same range, he must roll a 10 or higher. If his speed is slower than his pursuer, he must roll a 15 or higher. If the roll is below the designated amount, the escape will fail and the opponent will get a free turn. The escapees must roll for every pursuer chasing them, and if one roll fails the escape will fail. Each roll must be cleared for each attacker you are trying to escape.
(Note: There are other ways to 'Flee' a battle without using the Flee command. i.e using a teleportation ability or having your character crawl through a space the opponent cannot fit through.)

《-=Status Effects=-》
Status Effects are various ailments and buffs you can receive in or outside of combat that can have varying effects. The effects last till specified or until cured/removed through different means.


Slowly eats away at HP. Can be cured.
Immune Races: Golem, Hollow

Slowly eats away at HP. Can be treated, or heal naturally over time.
Immune Races: Golem

Quickly eats away at HP. Can be doused.
Immune Races: Golem

Lowers STR and END by 50%.

Lowers AGI by 50%.

Lowers AGI to 0%, prevents Flee.

Lowers DEX by 50%.

Lowers DEX to 0%, prevents Execution Strike and Wipe Out.

Prevents all offensive actions.

Lowers END by 50%.

〈-=Armor Break=-〉
Lowers END to 0%, prevents Guard and Parry.

Sleep. Character must roll a 5 or higher to awaken if being attacked.

〈-=Knocked Out=-〉
The character is unconscious and cannot use any actions. Cannot be prematurely awoken and must wait until consciousness is regained.

《-=Special Rolls and Miscellaneous=-》
There are special mechanics in place for certain combat situations, which will be explained here.

〈-=Execution Strike=-〉
If you roll a double 20 when attacking (20 STR roll and 20 DEX roll) and have a higher STR and DEX stat than the opponent's END and AGI stat, you will get an extra 20 roll afterwards to perform a One-Hit KO strike. If you are able to roll 15 or higher, you will be allowed to perform a One-Hit KO which leaves the opponent Knocked Out at 1 HP. Unless he has an ally to assist him or a special ability, he will be at your mercy to kill. If you wish, you can capture the target instead or leave them alone. It's up to you to finish them off.

〈-=Wipe Out=-〉
If you roll a double 20, and your opponent rolls a double 1 (1 END and 1 AGI roll), and your STR and DEX are at least 75% of their END and AGI, then it will be a guaranteed One-Hit KO without an extra dice roll neccessary. The enemy will be left with 1 HP and Knock Out status.
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